Paris, France

Getting Around in Paris

I’m afraid I was quite useless navigating in Paris. I didn’t bother checking maps and just followed my ex boyfriend and his brother around. All the advice I can give is to buy the multi-day or week pass and I’m sure Google Maps will do the rest of the work.

Compared to the New York subway and the London tube, the Paris Metro is definitely up there for ease of navigation. Of all the cities I’ve travelled around in, I think the Paris metro stations are the most wonderful. Each station has their own bit of character, I could spend months checking them all out!

What To Eat in Paris

In both of my month-long trips to Paris I was led around in the company of my ex boyfriend’s family. And being of Chinese/Cambodian/Laos descent, boy, do they know their south east Asian food.

Portable Snacking

Pick up a vietnamese sub from Tang Frères. Make sure you check the spiciness level, because I accidentally bit into a spicy sub and proceeded to cry a little.

Favourite Restaurant

I highly recommend going to Sala Thai near Place d’Italie. Order the chicken skewers with peanut sauce, the sticky rice, the little pork sausages. Most importantly you must order larb, which is minced meat that you could put together with the sticky rice and lettuce wrap.


If Asian food doesn’t tickle your fancy, wake up early every morning and check out a bakery. Freshly baked bread in France is to die for.

What to Pack

I’m sure the necessities are different for the winter, but both times I went it was in the summer and these were the items I was thankful for:

Fan, Water Bottle

Always have a bottle of water and a fan for train rides in the underground metro stations – it can get so hot and humid that you find yourself having difficulties breathing.

Comfortable Shoes

So much walking to be had! Whether it’s just around the city, in a palace, a castle or a museum, do yourself a favour and make sure you have comfortable walking shoes.

Favourite Experiences

Of the sights I managed to see, my favourite activity was rowing a rental boat around the Grand Canal in Château de Versailles. I think after a long day of being on foot it was nice to enjoy the water and give those arms some action.


My second favourite experience was getting a shisha and chilling for the evening on the champs élysées. Good vibes.

Musée du Louvre

Underestimated just how massive the louvre was. The Mona Lisa was definitely smaller than imagined. Be prepared for visual stimulation, because there’s just so much to absorb.

Disneyland Paris

If you’ve been to any Disneyland they’re kind of all the same. The highlight was watching four boys each eat a 4-patty burger at the diner here.

La Tour Eiffel

Not sure what was up with the creepy mannequin display at the top? It was a very typical tourist thing to go do, probably a better day spent if you just take photos nearby rather than go up.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Great place to check out modern art and just see the lovely neighbourhood.

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

Bones bones bones, massive whale bones and T-Rex fossils, what’s not cool about the National Museum of Natural History?

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