First Day, Last Day

It has been a quasi-hectic week, with Monday being my very first day of working in a London agency, followed by Tuesday being my last day at that agency because there was no more work coming in for me.

I felt a bit sad for how the place was run, only because of wasted money and resources when it’s meant to go toward a greater cause.

This (unstable) experience is partly why I am biting my lips (read: less pay) and accepting a more stable, fixed-contract offer at a digital marketing company. I am ready to get into a well-established agency rather than a place where process is still being figured out and efficiency is non-existent.

When I thought I finally had my foot in the door, London took its sweet opportunity to smash figurative foot with figurative door a few good times to make sure I really wanted it there.

I came to gain experience and travel, and I’m not giving up just yet!! Even if I survive only a month it means I got in and did it.

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