Orientation in London

I really should be documenting my experience in more detail but it is always stressful and chaotic going in to new work environments.

This week I’ve started at the new digital agency as a permanent(ish)* user experience architect. The on boarding process has been super relaxed due to situations such as my two managers being on vacation/working in another office for almost all of this week, and the project I’m assigned to being in the client’s court for the time being.

It was a blessing in disguise really, to be inducted at this pace. I am usually very anxious when it comes to learning new routines, logistics, where to eat – the London tube strike really helped with my anxieties from commuting in a big city.

Getting to work with the tube strike has proven to be relatively normal, but I’m starting to feel like getting home might be an issue as my bus only moved an inch in the last hour.

But I digress… At work I’m still a bit shy to spontaneously ask people to show me what they’re working on and how they do it… Hopefully that’ll become easier as time goes on.

*due to the nature of the Youth Mobility Scheme visa, I am unable to accept a “permanent” job. Luckily my workplace was able to offer me a fixed term contract with all the same benefits a permanent position is entitled to. The only difference between a contract like this and a permanent role is that my contract has an employment end date.

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