Sick days

I have caught the common cold, how common of me.

I stayed home yesterday because at first I thought it was food poisoning. A couple of runs to the toilet, a suspicious continual sore throat (which I thought at first was from the pollution) followed by a horrible case of the sniffles means that I have contracted the common cold. I haven’t really felt too feverish and can move around alright so I don’t think I have the flu (lucky me).

Sadly I don’t think I get paid for sick days because I’m still on probation and my employer offers no sick day coverage for the first 6 months of employment (yeesh). And the UK government’s sick pay scheme only provides about £88 for the week, and only if you’re sick for more than 4 days with proof of a doctor’s note… No thanks.

Fingers crossed I’ll recover soon enough, can’t really afford to miss too many days of work if they’re unpaid (boo!!!)!!!

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