So many, if not all, of my posts are in the past tense. Why not take notes of the present tense, wouldn’t that be more colourful?

I’m standing on the last carriage of the 16:45 overground train from Waterloo to Hounslow. Near me is a crowd of other Londoners zoning out for their regular commute home. Dressed in a dark grey suit and a red and white checkered shirt, is a tall British man who I assume is British because of how ernestly he’s reading his paper – from cover to cover not missing a word.

The train stops as I’m typing away on my phone, I take a seat after a mini exodus occurs at the Putney stop.

Sitting diagonal from me are four people all looking intensely at their mobile phones.

A middle eastern man in a black pea coat and converse shoes. A young blonde lady with a bored expression and a pudding in her lap. An older lady in a ponytail, bright green handbag and what looks like a warm flannel poncho.

And the most finely dressed of the four… A slim, dark man, donning a long black wool coat usually belonging to formal people such as barristers, and topping off his outfit is a big red ruby ring no smaller than the size of a cherry.

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