The machine

I was really lucky that I’ve been consistently booked by larger agencies. Usually that means they supply contractors with shiny 27-inch iMacs and cushy chairs. However, last two jobs I’ve worked were for smaller agencies, and for the last month I’ve had to bring my laptop everyday on my hour-long-one-way commute.

An hour long one way might not seem so bad, seeing as some people travel in from Spain to work in London, day in, day out. But the real pain comes from the crazy hectic segments of the commute – in between getting off at Waterloo station, where zombie hoards of people are literally walking in every direction possible, to the underground tube stations where then everyone gets jam packed into carriages like sardines in a can, to queuing for the bus where the lines snake around multiple times, longer than any line I’ve seen combined at Six Flags or Disneyland combined. Doing all this, with extra dead-weight strapped to my back, makes the experience difficult to embrace as a positive one.

Historically what has been a loving relationship with my computer is turning sour, the rose tinted glasses come off and I’m no longer running toward it when I get home. Back in university my daily reunion with my computer used to be like lovers do in in movies when they’ve been separated by an infinite number of obstacles, but now can finally be together and run toward each other across a big field and embrace with tears of joy. Now my computer and I are like an old married couple who’ve had too many hardships and shitty kids, and are now repulsed and disgusted just at the sight of each other because it’s inevitable when you’ve seen too much of each other and life and they associate all of the failures and unpleasant things in their life with the other person.

All I see when I look at my laptop now is work, back pain, posture issues, eye fatigue, stress, and it is depressing. Because of this I’ve been averse to spending any more time with it after work hours. So badly I want the loving passion to come back into our lives but… Is it even possible when you spend so much time together all day every day???

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